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Granny Dating

Granny Dating

Granny Dating Sites – The Essential Factors You Should Be Looking Out For

Granny dating sites are becoming extremely popular nowadays for several good reasons. For a lot of older women and young men alike, the convenience of these dating services bring about a lot of great advantages that would otherwise prove to be elusive in grandma dating.

Naturally, if you end up choosing the wrong granny dating sites to join, you may come to find your overall success with them to be elusive, regardless of how much money you may have paid to become a member. This is why it would be very important to work with only the best online dating sites for grandma dating out there.

Finding top quality dating websites would definitely help in getting you the desired results that you want and need. Because of this, it would be useful to opt for dating websites that actually help in offering these desired results. Now, although a lot of criteria may need to be followed, the useful steps mentioned here would still need to be taken into consideration.

Opt for GILF dating sites with the most positive reviews. In today’s internet age, not a single commercial venture will be able to escape the laudatory or critical text of online reviewers and bloggers anymore. Thanks to this, it would be easy to find highly credible reviews of consumers when it comes to sites of granny dating to ensure that you sign onto services that really deliver nothing but proper high value.

Check if the online dating sites you find provide free trial memberships. If this is the case, they would be websites that are definitely worth exploring. Whenever you partake in free trial memberships, you will be able to get a feel for these websites in order to see whether they would be perfect for your personal and individual needs and wants. Nothing would be able to give you more information than actual firsthand experience, which is why getting free trial memberships would be incredibly useful.

Granny dating sites that have a comprehensive customer service would also be a major bonus. Although most websites of grandma dating are usually quite easy to navigate, you may still need some help every now and then, especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy.

Whenever such websites offer help via a comprehensive system of customer service, every member – regardless of whether he or she is a techie or not – will be able to get access to a full support staff that can turn their membership to this kind of dating community into an experience that is nothing but positive.

Lastly, avoid joining free GILF dating sites. Although these websites all seem like they have special offers, free trials and provide free methods of delivering what you want, their overall quality is quite lacking, in general. Their customer service is normally quite weak, for example, while the screening of possible members does not even exist. With all of these attributes, it would still be best to just avoid free websites of grandma dating because they do not provide much when it comes to value.

You really do get what you pay for in this world, after all.

Granny Dating UK

Why GILF Dating Is The 51st Shade Of Grey

GILF Dating

These days women are becoming more empowered when it comes to sex and let’s face it, books like 50 Shades of Grey have certainly helped things along. All of a sudden, men are very aware that women from all ends of the spectrum – young, old, MILF dating, GILF dating, you name it are looking to spice up their sex life and indulge in a bit of naughty bondage – not too much but just enough to tickle the senses if you get what I mean…

As if getting to tie a woman up wasn’t enough of a fantasy thrill for you, you get the pleasure of finally managing to tick the older woman off your to-do list. And let me tell you, there is a big market for older women – MILF and GILF dating singles, they have read those books and are looking for their very own Mr. Grey, in whatever form he may come in.

You see when guys get to a certain older age, things may start not to work as well. They may find that health concerns are keeping them confined to a life where they aren’t sexually satisfied themselves, let alone capable of satisfying their partners. At this point, this is where you stand in – the younger guy with the libido hitting the roof, and hormones that mean you will keep her entertained for hours. It makes perfect sense, right? She’s not looking for a relationship because she’s probably already got one, and you don’t want to commit to someone because there are still so many fish in the sea.

This alone proves the point that dating a GILF is the 51st Shade of Grey, but if you needed further explanation as to why so may young guys are choosing to bed such older women, you should just take a look at the vast amount of Granny dating websites popping up all over the place.

Women WANT sex these days. They want sex to the point they will actively go out there looking for it, and if you’re not giving it to them, some other young hot stud will be. It’s a whole market of sex that so many guys haven’t given a second thought to – that’s why you should jump right on in before it all gets overcrowded and there’s too much competition.

These women want you to tie them up, to tickle them with feathers, to slowly and torturously glide ice cubes over their naked skin, to lightly spank them with the latest paddle-offerings available at Ann Summers. These women want to explore the naughtier side of sex because these books – the books that all women were talking about whether they’d read them or not, have awoken a new sense of play inside their heads. Those that have never tried it want to try it before it’s too late…. And who better to test out their newfound kinkiness than with someone with the right kind of stamina to keep up with her?

(That’s you, by the way!)

GILF Dating

Why Our World Would End If Granny Dating Disappeared

Imagine what would happen if you took a whole fantasy box out the equation when it came down to sex. Imagine what would happen if the whole “crushing on the older woman” thing wasn’t to ever happen to you. Can you imagine not having that crush on Mrs. Levenstein at high school for two and a half years? Can you imagine not thinking about her as you played with yourself in bed after her class was the last class of your day…

Think about it – lusting about older woman is something that is pre-programmed into all guys from a young age. There is always the older teacher at school, or the best friend of your mother that keeps herself in shape and looking mighty fine. The older woman is the one you sleep with who teaches you a trick or two. Isn’t that the whole reason you’re sleeping with her anyway? Because she actually knows what she’s doing?

If you didn’t date that one older woman that no one knew about, you wouldn’t know how much girls really appreciated a bit of good old-fashioned romance. You wouldn’t know that most girls don’t like heavy-handed touching ‘down there’ – they like to be lightly touched and stroked for maximum effect and goosebumps. These are all things that my older lady taught me – that Granny that draped me with her wisdom. There would be a lot of things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t joined that Granny dating website and met Gillian.

I wouldn’t know that intelligent conversations (even ones that you fluke the entire way through) are important to women, and that you need to pay them attention a lot with well-timed compliments and discreet little touches. I wouldn’t know that even the smallest gifts can make the world of difference to her day when you put a lot of thought into them. I wouldn’t know how much you can really learn about a girl from the things she says and the ways she answers your questions.

I may have only been in the Granny dating scene for a short time compared to some guys, and it isn’t something that I ONLY partake in (I’m a horny-twenty-something and basically enjoy anything that excites me) but it is something that I always have fun with AND learn from. It’s an eye-opening experience and one that has lead the way for great sexual meetings with girls my own age too. Because of the things I learned from Gillian over the years, I surprise girls with my knowledge of their bodies, understanding their body language in a way that other guys my own age that HADN’T slept with an older woman and learnt from it would know.

Put it this way – every girl I’ve ever slept with since has come back for more at least once. I reckon that’s a pretty good sign, don’t you?

The fact of the matter is this – Granny dating, or dating any older woman, is something that will lead the way for you if you are smart enough to take in everything you could learn from it. The only question left to ask is this – are you really up for the challenge?

Dating An Older Woman – The Keys To Success

Are you a young man who is interested in dating an older woman? Well, here are some things you should consider if you want to win the hearts of grannies over as soon as possible.

The first benefit in dating an older woman is the mere fact that older women are much more mature than younger women. This holds extremely true when it comes to relationships with them, in general. Because of this, more and more younger men are searching for older women that they can date, though the reasons behind this phenomenon are plenty.

Are you a young man who is interested in meeting and dating an older woman? Well, you have to look into several tips before anything else if you wish to succeed in this business of dating an older women. Here are some things you should consider if you want to win the hearts of grannies over as soon as possible.

Sexy mature woman in gypsy outfitFirst and foremost, you need to be gentleman-like; this happens to be of the utmost essence! Behaving like a real gentleman is a surefire way for you to survive most of the pitfalls that most younger men fall into when they choose to get into this kind of dating. Older women are just like younger women in that they wish to get respect and want men to show them how special and important they are as a person. This is why being a gentleman can help place you in the right position because you can then make women drool at your feet with minimal effort. You simply need to ensure that you remain sincere whenever you do the things that gentlemen do because faking it will merely send your relationship down the drain before you actually get anywhere.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is to take things slow. This means that you have to allow your new relationship to move on naturally without you pushing anything onto your woman of choice. Because mature women singles have a lot of experience with dating, you will never get the chance to pull anything over their heads, so do not even attempt to.

Older women happen to be experts in the world of dating, so chances are, they have already seen everything you plan on offering them. But since you already know this little fact, you can focus on other essential things instead and place them right in front of you right from the start. Show her how honest you are, for example, and concentrate on keeping her happy more than anything else.

When it comes to dating an older woman, you have to stay calm and concentrate deeply on things that you do at all times. There may be some instances where you will start to feel the need to get overexcited and these would be the times you need to tell yourself to remain calm because you have to maintain a mature appearance if you want to date women who are older than you.

Charm would also be a vital thing to have in dating an older woman, so always keep a smile on your face and maintain eye contact every time you find yourself in a conversation with one, small or big. Older women enjoy men who are charming, pleasant and happy by nature, so show off your charm and ensure that you pay close heed to things that she says at the same time. Learn more about her likes and dislikes, her passions and interests. If you are keen in getting to know her better, you will get a lot of brownie points when it comes to dating mature women singles. Their looks should be the very last thing on your mind. Try to help it.

Have you noticed how self-conscious younger women are? Well, get ready for the worst because older women happen to be worse than them. Do not let this bother you, though. You simply have to make sure that you compliment her a lot and never bring up physical appearances if you can help it. Most older women do look great despite their age, but showering them with compliments would still be a smart thing to do. When dating an older woman, the most important thing to remember is to keep things on a fun level, though. Keep things light and you are sure to have a granny dating experience that is utterly enjoyable every single time. Best of luck!

Dating A Granny – A Modern And Hot Trend

Back in the day, dating a granny was never something somebody would even think or talk about, much less look into or do. Today, granny dating has become a highly acceptable part of society and has in fact even become a famous dating trend. Read on to find out why this is the case.
Back in the day, dating a granny was never something somebody would even think or talk about, much less look into or do. Because of this, people in today’s day and age still get shocked to see the amount of younger men who are dating women who are years – even a decade or more – older. It is now clear that granny dating has become a highly acceptable part of society today and has in fact even become a famous dating trend.

Portrait Of Attractive Woman Blonde

Society had once pre-determined that men are the ones who are meant to be older in dating and relationships, though, a valid reason for this is yet to come up. Because of this, however, people who spot older women dating younger men tend to get suspicious about the intentions of both parties and start thinking negatively about them for no real reason at all.

Thankfully, this particular notion is slowly vanishing into oblivion when it comes to romance and relationships as older women seeking younger men are starting to totally invade the whole dating scene. No one really knows if this can be coined a “fad”, though, because it seems like this kind of dating has been around for several years now and will be around for much more.

This incredible increase in dating a granny was fueled even more by the incredible increase in the now-existing and still-appearing websites provided by the internet today. There are those that are totally free of charge and those that come with some membership fees. Either way, they definitely give older women the confidence that they need to eliminate any awkward feelings they might have had before when it came to making moves on younger men of interest. Becoming a part of all of the conversations and subtle courtship in a virtual world has also given these women the opportunity to build relationships with young men of their choice from the comforts of home.

This concept of dating a granny is not just evident in our world, though. Famous celebrities have been following this exact same trend, too, in the likes of Cher, Demi Moore, and Madonna. Since these celebrities are supposed to serve as role models in today’s society, they have also played a big part in making older women seeking younger men feel much more accepted by showing that dating younger men is no longer castigated as it once was back in the day.

There are various reasons why younger men or older women end up finding themselves in relationships of granny dating and their main reasons would naturally differ from other couples in today’s society since every couple is one-of-a-kind. At times, such relationships revolve around nothing but sex and are more carefree and laid-back. Other times, dating a granny might simply be a choice due to the amount of options out there and the fact that there is fewer competition on both ends of the scale. See, older women have already experienced their fair share of failed relationships or have been married once or twice in the past. Because of this, their options happen to be very limited for their particular age and so they end up running into the arms of younger men to satisfy their personal needs in dating.

Like every other relationship today, those that involve granny dating could also turn into long-term relationships, regardless of what intentions both parties might have had before the relationship actually blossomed. If you are merely looking for fun or wish to find somebody to settle down with, this type of setup for dating happens to be an outstanding prospect to look into, whether you are an older woman or a younger man.

If you are an older woman who is worried about looking into this kind of dating because of various reasons, you should know that the only thing you really have to be worried about is your emotional safety. Many younger men only turn to dating a granny because they think the relationship will not last very long, so if you wish to find a man whom you can settle down with, you need to proceed with caution.

Looking to date a hot UK granny? Check this site out!

Date Older Women And Succeed With The Following Strategies

If you are a younger man who wants to date older women, you have to know the following tips immediately.

More and more younger men in today’s day and age are beginning to look into how to date older women. As a matter of fact, grannies have become a very hot topic in the United Kingdom as of late, referring to notorious older women with incredible sex appeal and for whom younger men have been drooling practically non-stop for.

This trend clearly is not new, as was already seen in the film “The Graduate” where seduction of and by mature women was seen in Mrs. Robinson. Even celebrity couples in real life today practice this phenomenon: Demi Moore is significantly older than Ashton Kutcher and Tim Robbins is twelve years younger than Susan Sarandon. If you wish to succeed at mature seduction as these celebrities do, you need to learn some simple steps to get mature British women to take notice of you.

Younger men who hope to date older women need to truly appreciate the worth that comes with Brit grannies before anything else. Learn to ignore the major age gap and the developing wrinkles and focus instead on the amount of life experience they have and how much you can learn from them, if you can. This would, of course, include things in the bedroom.

Many men out there do not appreciate women unless they are full of youth, but this should really never be the case. Mature seduction has a lot to do with fully appreciating and realizing how mature older women can be. Think about it: how many women from forty to fifty actually run to public bathrooms just to gossip with their girl friends about their dates? Things like that will make a relationship of this sort a welcome change for younger men who used to believe that nobody had the power to make them truly happy but women of their own age.

Another vital factor of mature seduction would be to appear intelligent, classy, sophisticated and smart at all times. A lot of British matures nowadays have already experienced enough horrible dates in their past to last them a lifetime, so boosting up your levels of charm can help you succeed in trying to date older women.

Grannies are never going to show interest for young boys who get horny at the smallest things, chew gum during dates and have no idea what decent conversations entail. No, grannies are on the lookout for younger gentlemen who are well-rounded and can spend time discussing recent events, different types of wine and politics over a candlelit dinner. Because of this, you need to appear both smart and sophisticated in order to take complete advantage of an older woman’s sexual experiences much faster than usual.

Another thing you have to stay away from is talking too much about the great attributes that you have and the many possessions that you own while trying to date older women. Most modern older women happen to be extremely powerful and younger men might even have difficulties keeping up in the corporate ladder at the moment. Because of this, you should know that most granny singles will not be interested in what you have to say about the latest car that you bought or the amount of sexual exploits you have had in your life. If you have a lot of expensive things, good for you, but wait until your granny points it out herself before actually bringing it up. What you should do instead is concentrate on complimenting her accomplishments, looks and success to keep her by your side.

Younger men who long to date older women really have to learn all of the tips mentioned above to truly appreciate the unique qualities that come with granny dating. This will get you a proper taste of what being classy, sophisticated and smart entails – a great thing to experience at such a young age.

How To Date A Granny – The Most Essential Tips Out There

Knowing how to date a granny and knowing how to make sure a granny stays by your side happen to be very different things. If you wish to do both, here are several tips you can use to help you out in reaching success.

Younger men all have their personal reasons as to why they would want to date a granny. One reason is Samantha Jones from the show “Sex and the City”. She plays a vivacious yet utterly sophisticated older woman who has about as much sexual libido as a boy who has just discovered his little friend. Although characters like Samantha are completely fictional, the women that these characters portray are very real. What younger men love about these mature women singles is the fact that they know exactly what they need, want and desire out of life and relationships.

See, by the time a woman longs for actual intimacy, men of their age no longer want the same things. This is why older women dating younger men works: their maturity on a sexual level happen to be much closer compared to if they were with people of their same age.

While men have mid-life crises to look forward to, women long to be younger again. While men buy hot new cars and go skydiving for the thrill of it, women long for younger men to hold them and choose to date a granny. Such younger men are appealing to grannies because there is no pressure in their relationships with them and because their personalities are younger and thus more interesting since they are still willing to experience new things all the time.

Knowing how to date a granny and knowing how to make sure a granny stays by your side happen to be very different things. If you wish to do both, here are several tips you can use to help you out in reaching success:

1. Make Her Your Queen

Treating older women like queens will make them feel flattered and curious about you all at once. If you pay them tons of compliments, make it a point to open doors for them and pinpoint little details about their appearances, they will fall in love with you much faster for sure.

2. Never Refer To Her As A Granny

Even though most older women will not mind being called a granny, there are still the odd apples out there who will, so it would be best for you to stay safe and avoid the term altogether whenever you are around her.

3. Take It To The City

Cities like London, New York and California are the main places in which granny dating is properly embraced. Therefore, if you want to date a granny, such cities would be the ideal places to visit and find one.

4. Let Her Embrace Her Young Side

Think about that feeling that you feel whenever you get asked for your ID when buying drinks. Well, today’s older women do not feel this way whenever their IDs are asked for since it makes them feel much younger. In fact, you should try to replicate this feeling within her as much as possible without faking it. Just tell her how smart of a woman she is and how awesome her legs look and you are sure to go far.

5. Go To Dating Sites On The Internet

Such sites are the best places for you to find the type of women who would be interested in being seen with you and the best part is that this can be done from home without going through the hassles that come with chasing women the traditional way.

6. Give Her Entirely New Experiences

Despite their age, older women still enjoy doing brand new things they have not done before. This could range from billiard games to jazz concerts or even playing golf.

7. Avoid Clinging To Her

Older women happen to be highly independent creatures, so the men that they date should know that they enjoy being in control at all times and that includes you.

8. Act Your Proper Age

Even though youth might involve beer binges and Halo parties most of the time, you should know that mature women singles are not exactly into those things anymore. Although a granny likes to feel young, she does not necessarily like dating somebody who still lives in his childhood crib.

9. Let Her Lead In Bed

If your dream is to date a granny, you need to be aware of the experience levels of these ladies in the bedroom. It would be smart to give her the reigns, so that she can show you exactly how she likes it and exactly how much she knows.

10. Talk To Her

If you want to date a granny, make sure that you share the same expectations from one another before you get too deep into a relationship. Whether you wish for your relationship to be a short one or a long one, talk things through with your choice of gilf granny before anything else. This is extremely important so as to make sure you do not waste each other’s time.

Granny Dating? Learn How To Impress Your Mature Date!

First impression is the last impression. You need to ensure that your first meet up with your date is a good one, and that she is instantly impressed by you. This article discusses some of the critical points that every dating guy must learn about, so that he is able to impress his date without fail.

It is easier to meet and date a mature woman but it is far more challenging to actually impress her and convince her to meet you again after the first date. If you fail to impress your mature date during the first date, then she may not like to meet you again. In fact, there exists a very thin line of differentiation between success and failure, when it comes to impressing your date. If you do not take care of some simple aspects, you could so easily ruin it all. Summarized below, are some of the most crucial aspects that every dating guy must learn about, in order to impress his date and make his dating experience memorable.

1. Your clothes tell it all: It is an old saying that a man’s wardrobe speaks volumes about his personality. Therefore, you must wear something that is in fashion, and that suits you. This however, does not mean that you wear something too gaudy to depict the vibrant state of your mind. While your dressing needs to be decent, it must also not be too boring. You will need to do some homework on your dressing, before you go to meet her. One mistake that many people make is that they wear clothes that may indeed be trendy, but that just do not suit them at all. Remember, what suits your friend may not suit you. So, make sure that you wear such clothes, that you can carry off well and feel comfortable in.

2. Do not talk too much: You are on a date with a mature woman, and not on a date with any young immature girl. So, what you talk and how you talk makes a lot of difference. No mature lady would like a guy who talks too much, or does not talk sense. The best way to go about is to listen more and talk less. React well to what your mature date says, and add your views to it. The key is to identify her topics of interest and talk about those topics. Make sure that you do not lose your grip on the conversation. Be tactful enough to change the topic, whenever you feel you are at a loss of words or ideas. Do not make the conversation boring. Instead, cleverly switch the topic of discussion as and when required.

3. Show her that you are a good human being: This is a very important point to consider when dating an older lady. You must not sound like a selfish, materialistic, or egoistic person. Rather, you must try to demonstrate some of your best virtues so that you are able to win over your mature date.

4. Make her feel special: Women love it when they are made to feel special. Make her realize that she is very special to you. You may do so by inviting her for a lunch or showing her around your family home (which you may never have done before for any other girlfriend). Another very good way to make her feel special is to share one of your top secrets with her. This makes her feel that you trust her, and that she is very special to you. Instead of pampering her with expensive gifts, you can shower your mature date with your love and affection and completely ignore the age difference between the two of you. Only then can both of you develop a very strong bonding.

5. Study her personality: Talk more about her hobbies, her likes and dislikes, about her job, home or anything else that you feel is important to define her personality. Ask her perception about things which are important for both of you, such as health and fitness, beauty and diet, career and job, etc. Remember, there is a lot of difference between dating a younger girl, and going for a mature date. Therefore, you need to be well prepared with a solid plan when you are dating older women.

5 “Must Know” Tips To Transform Into The Hot Granny Younger Men Seek!

If you are looking for ways to attract a younger man, you cannot just ignore reading this article. For many older women, dating younger men is fun and therefore, granny dating is becoming increasingly common nowadays. However, for a hot granny to ensure a successful dating experience, it is important to know things that can drive a young man crazy. This article provides you with 5 excellent tips to transform yourself into the hot granny that younger men look for.

If you have been struck by widowhood, or have suffered the pangs of separation from your spouse at a very early age, then naturally you would be having a lot of unfulfilled desired buried deep in your heart. If you are unable to connect with a man of your age, then it might mean that you are ready to experience the hidden pleasures of dating younger men.

Sitting Sexy Blonde Lady In TowelHowever, an interesting fact is that men seeking the company of mature dates mostly prefer a very sexy and hot granny to satiate their desires. Therefore, if you are one of those lonely older ladies seeking for an ideal young date, then you need to pull up your sleeves and learn how be the hot granny that younger men look for. All you would need to do is to evoke your hidden sensuousness and bring in a lot of buoyancy in yourself. Mentioned below are a few excellent tips on how you can transform yourself into a dream granny girl that all the young men in your circle crave for.

1. Never try and pretend to be younger than your age – One mistake that older women make is to try and behave much younger than their age. A granny who is willing to go on a date with a younger man must remember that your age can sometimes be your asset, for you have that valuable experience that comes along with growing age. Although you do not need to sound boring or too serious like a typical aged older woman, you also need not go overboard with your efforts to fight your age or look younger. Childish or immature behavior can turn off most intelligent men. In other words, be a hot granny who is impressive, ebullient, and dignified, rather than being pretentious, gaudy or dull.

2. Wear something that is fashionable and suits your physique. In order to appear hot or attract a man who is younger than you, you need not wear dresses such as short skirts or tight pants. If you have thought of wearing a teenager’s dress to appear as a hot granny, then you are certainly wrong with your judgment. As a mature lady, it is important that you wear a simple and graceful dress, yet appear hot, sexy and beautiful. Remember, men who are on a look out for a hot granny, prefer a granny girl who is neither too loud, nor too boring. So, select your dresses carefully and wear something that tells about your mood and personality.

3. You need not be his mother: Younger men prefer getting into relationship with a mature woman because grannies are experienced, and probably know a thing or two more than them. However, be careful and try not to enforce your thoughts on him. Rather than being a teacher, mentor or a mother, try and convey your thoughts in a tactful manner. By mentoring at all times, you would only ruin your equation with him and not be the person that he had seen in you.

4. Know him. For any relationship to be successful, it is important to know and understand each other. Talk about his interests, objectives and appreciate his inner strengths and qualities. Remember, men do like a bit of admiration and appreciation. Make him feel that you love him. You may even speak about his favorite sport or movie. Let your partner know that you are mature enough to share and discuss his interests, and that you are not a boring and orthodox older granny.

5. Refrain from sharing your problems. When going along with a partner on a date, sharing their problems is one mistake that most women commit. This may not be the best topic of discussion, particularly when your relationship is just blossoming. Try and hold back, at least initially. Give your relationship some time to grow, before you discuss too many issues with him. Remember, discussing your problems could easily bore him, and spoil your relationship.

6. Do not hesitate to talk adult, but keep it within limits: If he likes talking adult, you must respond well. However, do not over respond. Most decent men like their women to be a little reserved with sex talks. However, this would depend on your partner as well. You need to judge the mentality of your guy, and behave accordingly.

In other words, be the hot granny he is looking for, and not the one he would want to stay away from. You need to know what your dude is looking for.

5 Dressing Tips You Must Use When Dating A GILF

When dating a gilf, it is important that you dress up very well and present yourself the way she likes. This article shares a few vital dressing tips and talks about how one must dress up to meet a hot gilf.

A hot gilf is sure to have a great sense of dressing, and would expect the same from her guy. In fact, a mature woman is known to be very particular about how her date appears when he meets her on a date. They give a lot of importance to intricate aspects such as how he smells, how he behaves and most importantly, what he wears and how he dresses up. It is therefore, very important that you learn a few tips on how to dress up properly when you are dating a granny girl.

Let us therefore, learn about a few important tips that will help you out with your dressing. The following points are sure to be very helpful to you:

1. It is about what suits you, not what suits Tom, Dick, or Harry: What suits your friend may not necessarily suit you. You need to wear something that you can carry off very well. Wear something that you are comfortable in. If you wear something that you can not carry off well, it shows and looks very odd indeed!

2. No hip-hop dressing please: No caps worn backwards, torn jeans, or those low hanging pair of cargos that make you look a few inches taller. All these accessories may impress a young lady, but they can never impress a hot gilf. Needless to say, you must also avoid those pins sticking out of your nose and mouth. Such things will not impress a granny girl. Lastly, you could impress your hot gilf with a hot and sexy watch. If you have a good watch, you must wear it. However, avoid wearing a school boy’s watch. Too many rings can be annoying and can make you look too loud. So, do not wear too many rings.

3. You must smell well: Women have a very strong sense of smelling, and they find it very annoying if their partner turns up with a disheveled appearance, smelling very badly. Therefore, make sure that you have used a very good deodorant, and turn up on your date, preferably, after you have taken a shower. Remember, you must smell royal, and classy because your smell conveys a lot about your grooming, even before you say a word. A hot gilf likes a man who smells hot and sexy. Get the point?

4. Your shoes tell the story about you: You must have heard it before that the state of a man’s shoes speaks volumes about a man’s personality. Therefore, no torn or unpolished shoes please! Your shoes must be trendy, and yet decent. Another important point to note here is that your choice of shoes must also depend on your clothes. If you decide to wear a formal dress, then you need to be wearing formal shoes. However, if you have decided to wear casuals, you could wear some trendy pair of sports shoes.

5. Well-groomed appearance: It certainly acts in your favor to trim your moustache, and your nails; button your shirt; comb your hair; wear a clean, well-ironed shirt; polish your shoes; and remain odor-free. These habits not only reflect a good upbringing, but also indicate that you are making an effort to impress the lady and that you are really interested in creating a good impression about yourself in her mind.

The right kind of dressing and a well-groomed look can certainly do the trick for you and win the heart of a hot gilf of your dreams!