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Why GILF’s Love Bondage!

hot granny dating ukIt’s a gripping headline, don’t you think? It’s certainly one that makes you think whether or not you could be missing out on something, doesn’t it? Well, the reality is you might be. You could be missing out on sexual experiences that you only thought possible in your wildest fantasies. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a closer look….

For me, bondage was something I’d only read about in books like Fifty Shades of Grey, or by watching movies like the oldie but goodie, Nine and a Half Weeks. It’s a thrilling watch if you’ve never seen it. The art of restraining your partner, and being restrained in return, to open a whole new world of sexual exploration – that was something that happened in books, not something that would happen to me.

My husband is a very conservative man. It is a missionary position kind of thing, mostly on Sunday nights, and only when he hasn’t had the week from hell… Which is most weeks. After 30 years of marriage, I decided that it was time for me to try new things. I decided to look elsewhere.

I didn’t think infidelity was something I’d ever seriously think about – cheating on my husband who I love and adore. But there was something seriously missing from our relationship, and it had been missing for a number of years. After signing up to a Granny dating website in the hope to find a younger man who would perhaps live out some of my fantasies, I came across Frankie, a 27 year old guy who lived only 20 minutes or so away from me. After a few days of chatting online, we decided to meet up, and after three weeks of our affair starting, I decided I could trust him enough to tell him what I was looking for.

To my pleasure and delight, Frankie didn’t look at me in horror as my husband had done when I tested the waters with the idea of tying him up and having my wicked way with him. I had thought the promise of some naughty lingerie may have swayed it for the hubby, but it was wasted. It definitely wasn’t wasted, however, on my new younger lover, 22 years my junior, and when I suggested playing around with bondage, just the very next day he turned up at my door when my husband was at another golfing event, with handcuffs, a leather blindfold, and a soft riding crop… He wanted to reenact the rinding crop scene that I had told him about from Fifty Shades of Grey.

After a couple of months of dating, we decided to be open about our sex lives, and Frankie told me that I wasn’t the first Granny he had dated. Nor was I the first Granny that had asked him to perform some light bondage. Apparently, there is a whole group of 35-50 year old women, and sometimes older, desperate to try new things like tying each other up, and playing around with the pleasure / pain line. I guess it’s the thrill of trying something new that does it. There must be a reason why so many GILF’s are on the lookout for a younger guy to explore and experiment with.

Of course, it might not be bondage that your Granny lover is looking for. It could be any number of fantasies or fetishes – threesomes, swinging, bondage, you name it. The fact of the matter is that these are women looking for someone to lend them a helping hand, and if this sounds like something you could actively assist with, you should check out Granny dating for yourself. What’s the point in dating and banging a younger guy, if you’re not going to enjoy all the pleasures of it?

So, next time you’re wondering how to impress your GILF lover, why not ask her what she really wants in the bedroom? You might just be in for a very pleasant surprise….

The A,B,C Guide to Banging a Granny!

granny slappers ukDo you want to know how to get a woman like me into bed? I’m a 38 year old woman. I have two kids aged 20 and 22. I have one grandkid, aged 6 months. I easily pass for 30 years old or younger, and I have a body that most young men lust after. I know, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

Young men approach me all the time, usually in bars or coffee shops, but I’ve been approached in the gym, on regular dating sites, when I’ve been out at the shops, and more. In fact, after a while, I started to realise I had an opportunity here – I had the opportunity to test out a brand new dating pool!

You see, I was separated from my husband when I first considered signing up to a Granny dating website, and just like many of you, I had dismissed those websites entirely before I realised what they were all about. I was in need of something when my confidence was down a bit, when my husband left me for a younger woman, and I needed to feel lusted-after. I needed someone to run their hands all over my body, like I was the sexiest woman in the world.

That’s exactly what happened when I started dating online. I didn’t realise how much of a demand there was for older women just like me, GILF’s if you like to call them that. I started to realise that even though my husband didn’t want me anymore, there were other guys out there that would, and these were younger guys – super hot guys…. Guys that could have their pick of the bunch of girls their own age.

Yet still they wanted me.

So, how did they get me? How did they succeed where so many young men had failed before? They knew how to play me, that’s how.

Firstly, they asked questions. They wanted to know what I liked and disliked, both in and out of the bedroom. They wanted to know if I liked their fingers there, or where I liked my nipples being stimulated during sex. They wanted to know what movies I liked, and what music I found the raciest to play in the bedroom. They wanted to know how to make me happy, how to make me feel sexy, and that, alone, is worth a million bucks as an ego-booster.

Not just asking what I liked, and what I wanted, they also put a plan into action once they learned it. After once telling a 25 year old guy I had planned to bang, that I wanted to explore sex in the great outdoors, he planned a late evening picnic so that we could watch the sun go down, before going down on each other in the long grass, no one else around. The thrill that we could get caught just added to the appeal, and it was a night neither of us were likely to forget for a long time to come.

You see – that’s the thing about younger guys. Most of them are attentive and willing to learn, and that’s the easiest way to bag yourself a hot granny and get her into your bed – be attentive, be willing to try what she wants, and learn. Open your mind, and you’ll get sex tips that will last you a lifetime… And make you a much better lover!

Older Women Dating Younger Guys

hot granny datingIt happens all the time! An older woman seen on the arm of a much younger guy is definitely not a surprise anymore, nor does it even rate a second glance. So, the question remains-why does this happen? What is the fascination? Why are older women dating younger guys?

Well, one of the main reasons for this happening so much lately is that older women like the fact that a young guy can perform in the bedroom! Yes, that’s right-she finds that young men have more stamina and are much more passionate as lovers, and are willing and eager to learn. Often men her own age have the “been there, done that” attitude.

Younger men are also eager to please the older women he dates, especially when it comes to sex, while many older guys don’t really care about anything except satisfying himself. Either that, or he isn’t able to perform up to her standards, leaving her desiring more than he can give.

Older women dating younger guys do so for other reasons, however. It isn’t always about bedroom activities. Younger guys are more vital and and active. They are going to find that an older woman is just as capable of keeping up with them on just about any level of physical activity. She loves getting out and doing things!

Most of these women are not ready to settle for the sedate, quiet life. She chooses to date a younger guy because she wants to have fun and excitement in her life. She undoubtedly has a career and wants nothing more than to kick up her heels after a long day by doing something frivolous and fun at night. Younger men love these women for that fact.

Does she want to be seen on the arm of a handsome young guy because it makes her feel good? Well, of course she does! It shows that she still has “it” and it shouts to the world “Look at me! I’m older, but he wants me”! Holy Moley-what older woman wouldn’t want that feeling? She would have to be half dead not to love the attention she gets from a young man. It’s flattering and good for her ego.

He, on the other hand, has got to be proud of the fact that this great looking older woman is eager to be seen with him when they are out in public. Is he flattered at the attention? Of course, who wouldn’t be? The fact that she can keep up with him and doesn’t hold him back is enough to keep him coming back for more. These guys are really enjoying all life has to offer!

Not to mention, the fact that he is the envy of all his friends is also good for his ego! He is doing something they might have always dreamed of, or wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to. He went out and found the woman he wanted to be with while they may be stuck dating young girls and getting nowhere and having no fun. Older women dating younger guys is the way to go!

Top Tips To Grannie Dating – Attract Grannies Today

granny dating ukDo you think grannie dating could be for you? If the answer is yes, you have to find out just how you can attract the perfect gilf granny for you today. Here are the top tips you should know:

Tip Number One: Exude Confidence.

Granny singles are usually extremely independent and confident; therefore, they will only be attracted to young men who exude confidence of the same level. Simply tell yourself that you look great before going into grannie dating and you will feel great in no time. If you do this properly, you will send out certain vibes that grannies will be able to pick up on. Smile a lot and laugh with your friends as you throw your granny of choice admiring glances. If you get to catch her eye, she is sure to get the hint that you are interested.

Tip Number Two: Use Your Body Language.

If there are potential granny singles at the bar, approach them and just start a conversation. Watch their body language to figure out whether they could be interested in grannie dating or not. Look for little signs like hair twirling, strong eye contact, jewelry touching, chest touching, and smiling. Then, subtly try to copy her body language while you are at it as this could make her feel a special kind of bond that will make her more attracted to you.

Tip Number Three: Shower Her With Compliments.

Do you notice something particularly attractive about your granny of choice? If you do, you should tell her all about it – whether it is her pretty eyes, her shiny hair, or her unique smile. Make her feel special and beautiful right from the beginning to make a lasting first impression.

Tip Number Four: Dress Well.

Appearance happens to be highly essential in the world of grannie dating. Since granny singles always make a huge effort in looking good, you should, as well. Regardless of the location, you might opt for smart casual blazers, shirts and jeans, or smart suits. Ensure that you always smell good and are clean. Invest some money in good aftershave but only wear a bit of it as you would not like smelling like a cologne shop.

Tip Number Five: Behave Well.

Grannies expect the men that they date to be respectful and courteous, no matter how young or old they are. Naturally, you can have tons of fun with grannies. However, in order to impress them, you truly have to work at it. Be polite and hold doors open whenever the opportunity arises. If you are an attractive young man and a gentleman to boot, grannies will never be able to resist you.

Tip Number Six: Be Funny.

Women adore men who are funny and the same goes for older women. If you are a joker by nature, make her laugh often. If you have not been properly introduced yet, make other people around you laugh to catch her attention. This will make you seem fun and will make you highly attractive in her eyes, as well.

Tip Number Seven: Pay.

Regardless of the fact that a lot of granny singles are more loaded than the younger men they tend to date, you should offer to pay for dinner or buy her drinks every once in a while. Even chocolates, flowers and gifts will get you places in the world of grannie dating.

Dating Sites For Mature Women – Find Out The Advantages And Disadvantages Today

gilf dating ukMany mature British grannies are aware that dating sites for mature women exist in today’s day and age – some of which are completely free of charge – and it is no secret that grannies could definitely benefit from them. Finding a young man to date does not have to be a tedious task, most of all now that the search merely takes several clicks with a mouse.

When it comes to free dating sites for mature women, any granny can begin her very own journey in looking for a young partner, whether it is a for a sexual tryst in the short term or a relationship that is mean to last for longer, if not ending in marriage. Indeed, mature British women do not have to search very far when it comes to finding a potential young man to date who could even be the ideal person meant for them in the long run.

Ease and availability aside, dating sites for mature women could prove to be the ultimate stepping stones for older women who are still shy about the whole granny dating scene. If you are one of them, try not to jump into paid dating websites just yet, then. Sometimes, grannies do not enjoy this whole dating scene online so it would be best to try out your luck at a free website first to see how it goes. However, keep in mind that when it comes to free mature dating websites, you will be able to concentrate more without feeling intimidated or threatened in any way compared to how you may feel when going on the prowl for younger men in person.

Although these dating sites for mature women do not cost a thing, they still come with complete profiles that Brit grannies can search through and browse, giving you the opportunity to choose several prospective younger men and then narrow them down. This also happens to make the search much easier (as long as the young men who post their information on them are being honest, that is).

With such websites, physical location is no longer a problem and would therefore work best for mature women who are always on the go or never in town. If this sounds like you, looking for a younger man to date online will be much easier for you and may even find great company for you for your lonely, long trips.

Naturally, everything comes with their personal disadvantages. The major disadvantage with these websites would be the overall possibility of you falling for a young man who pretends to be somebody he is not. These websites give people the opportunity to hide behind disguises to mask their real identities. Therefore, finding somebody who is actually sincere and honest could be quite challenging and because of this, online dating is sometimes even seen as a dangerous endeavor.

Additionally, not every website of this type that claims to be completely free of charge is actually “free of charge”. Even though creating an account might be free, you might get charged to make use of basic services like messages. You might get frustrated to discover that you need to spend money just to send messages to young men you are interested in.

Lastly, keep in mind that dating sites for mature women that are free of charge might come with tons of young men who are below average. As a matter of fact, you should not be surprised if you stumble upon young men who merely want to conduct business with you through these websites. However, if you are patient and careful of posers, you could definitely enjoy this kind of older lady dating.

What You Should Know About Older Women Dating Sites

Mature WomenOlder women dating sites are great, but there are a few things you should know before joining one. You should know the benefits of joining one, who should join one, as well as what they are exactly. If you want to learn more about these types of dating sites, then continue to read on.

1. What Are They- They are designed for older women looking for younger men and vice-vice versa. Older women join these sites when they want to find younger guys to date or to connect to. These types of dating sites are quite popular and men and women from all around the world use these types of dating sites.

2. Benefits Of Using Them- There are many benefits of using dating sites that connect older women to guys who are younger than them. One of the benefits is that women will be able to view various profiles and then send messages to the guys they are interested in talking to. Women who use dating sites designed to for older women looking for younger men will find that many men use such sites, which means they have a good chance at finding one they can really connect to.

Another benefit of using these types of dating sites is that women can look for men in their area or in other parts of the country or even the world. Members can even search for other members based on other criteria, and they can view members’ photos and profiles. These are just a few of the benefits of using dating sites for older women.

Some women find it difficult to approach younger men in public. However, when they use dating sites designed for older women, then they can approach men online and really get to know them before they decide whether or not to meet them in person. In other words, another benefit of using dating sites for older women is that women can get to know men and get a feel for them before meeting them.

3. Who Should Use Such Dating Sites- Older women who want to find a younger man should use these types of dating sites, and so should men who want to date older women. There are many reasons why older women want to date younger men, and some of those reasons may be because younger men make them feel younger or they are just attracted to men who are younger than them. Some older women are curious and they just want to feel what it’s like to date someone who is younger, while some women just want to strike up a friendship with men who are younger than them. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your reasons are, you will find that there are dating sites that can help you connect to older women looking for various things.

As you can see, older women dating sites are worth joining. Now that you know more about them, you can find one to join. Check out and start your free trial today!

What To Remember With Older Women Dating Younger Guys

Hot CougarsThere are a few things that you need to remember with older women dating younger guys. Depending on who you are in the relationship, there will be things you really have to think about. Especially if there is a big age difference.

If the woman is less than two or three years older than the guy, it is probably not going to make any difference. If they are into their 30s it will make even less of one. But if the age difference is larger than that or they are very young there will be more things to keep in mind about the relationship.

When it comes to older women dating younger guys, it is important to remember that it isn’t what everyone expects. For some reason our culture expects the man to be older and in a lot of cases they are. Women tend to mature faster than men do so a 20-year-old woman is going to look to an older man to fill her needs.

Because of this, it can be harder to accept a relationship when the woman is older. If the man is 18 and the woman is 22, it can be seen as odd and people might not be able to understand it. Also, if the woman is 40 and the man is 25, it can also been seen as different.

It is best that couples in these type of relationships try not to worry what other people think. It can cause a lot of stress and if they are happy that is really the only thing that matter. It would be good to keep in mind what struggles they might encounter because of their relationship choices.

In some cases the woman will grow older before the man and that can be hard to deal with. The woman can feel like she is too old for him even if she never felt that way before. She might try hard to look younger and be more of his match.

In some cases she might decide to leave the relationship because of this. It would be something the couple would have to work through and hopefully be able to figure out. It would be sad to have to give up a relationship for this reason.

If there are family members involved that are the same age as the person they are dating it can be a little awkward and not everyone can understand that. It would be best to be gentle with those who are having a hard time and let them know that they understand it is a little difficult.

People should date the people they feel attracted to and not worry about what culture or society says. They should be able to work through the differences if it is meant to be. It can be nice to know that your soul mate is out there no matter what the age difference might be. As long as both are adults, it really shouldn’t matter.

Trend Toward Older Women Dating Younger Men

Cougar LadyThere are many advantages to older women dating younger men. While many people think that this trend is doomed from the start, others are finding the advantages in such a situation.

For many women, being in your forties or fifties means that men are no longer attracted to you. You can feel lost and alone in this big world. Perhaps you were divorced and waited until the kids left home, or maybe you were widowed at a younger age, regardless of why, you’re single and still very much alive.

Older women know more of what they want and aren’t placing ridiculous expectations on men like many younger women do. For an older woman, marriage isn’t always the goal. Many of these women are already well established financially and they are more than able to take care of themselves.

Relationships like this can be very fulfilling for both the man, and the woman. With fewer expectations upon them, the men often feel less stressed to perform. This makes them better partners in that they aren’t feeling pressured to provide for a family nor are they feeling pressured in the bedroom.

Relationships like this abound and are actually working very well for both the man and the woman. Once society gets past the age barrier these relationships often work very well.

The truth is, no one needs to know how old either party in the relationship is. Both parties are of age and once you’re past your 20s age doesn’t seem to matter as much as it did in your late teens and early 20s.

Men often find older women more attractive. They are confident and know what they want. They are no longer searching for their identity and have a good sense of self.

Focusing on the relationship and having fun over building a home and a family frees everyone up to enjoy life just a bit more. Although family is important, in the older woman younger man relationship it takes on a new dynamic.

Younger men often find many valuable life skills when with an older woman. Perhaps they see a bit of mom in her but generally speaking, they are finding confidence and a more together attitude.

Older women know what they want in and out of the bedroom. They are more in tune with themselves and thus can focus on other things. They are seldom selfish and require minimal maintenance when compared to their younger counterparts.

Unfortunately for such relationships, the men often want a family and to build themselves up. This can end in a devastating break up for the woman and a man feeling that “if only she were younger she could’ve provided me with the children I desire”.

Not all older women dating younger men relationships end this way however, many go on to be long lasting committed relationships where everyone is happy and committed. If you’re an older woman feeling lonely, you might want to consider such a relationship.

Why Our World Would End If Granny Dating Disappeared

Imagine what would happen if you took a whole fantasy box out the equation when it came down to sex. Imagine what would happen if the whole “crushing on the older woman” thing wasn’t to ever happen to you. Can you imagine not having that crush on Mrs. Levenstein at high school for two and a half years? Can you imagine not thinking about her as you played with yourself in bed after her class was the last class of your day…

Think about it – lusting about older woman is something that is pre-programmed into all guys from a young age. There is always the older teacher at school, or the best friend of your mother that keeps herself in shape and looking mighty fine. The older woman is the one you sleep with who teaches you a trick or two. Isn’t that the whole reason you’re sleeping with her anyway? Because she actually knows what she’s doing?

If you didn’t date that one older woman that no one knew about, you wouldn’t know how much girls really appreciated a bit of good old-fashioned romance. You wouldn’t know that most girls don’t like heavy-handed touching ‘down there’ – they like to be lightly touched and stroked for maximum effect and goosebumps. These are all things that my older lady taught me – that Granny that draped me with her wisdom. There would be a lot of things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t joined that Granny dating website and met Gillian.

I wouldn’t know that intelligent conversations (even ones that you fluke the entire way through) are important to women, and that you need to pay them attention a lot with well-timed compliments and discreet little touches. I wouldn’t know that even the smallest gifts can make the world of difference to her day when you put a lot of thought into them. I wouldn’t know how much you can really learn about a girl from the things she says and the ways she answers your questions.

I may have only been in the Granny dating scene for a short time compared to some guys, and it isn’t something that I ONLY partake in (I’m a horny-twenty-something and basically enjoy anything that excites me) but it is something that I always have fun with AND learn from. It’s an eye-opening experience and one that has lead the way for great sexual meetings with girls my own age too. Because of the things I learned from Gillian over the years, I surprise girls with my knowledge of their bodies, understanding their body language in a way that other guys my own age that HADN’T slept with an older woman and learnt from it would know.

Put it this way – every girl I’ve ever slept with since has come back for more at least once. I reckon that’s a pretty good sign, don’t you?

The fact of the matter is this – Granny dating, or dating any older woman, is something that will lead the way for you if you are smart enough to take in everything you could learn from it. The only question left to ask is this – are you really up for the challenge?