Shag A Granny UK
Shag A Granny UK

When dating a gilf, it is important that you dress up very well and present yourself the way she likes. This article shares a few vital dressing tips and talks about how one must dress up to meet a hot gilf.

A hot gilf is sure to have a great sense of dressing, and would expect the same from her guy. In fact, a mature woman is known to be very particular about how her date appears when he meets her on a date. They give a lot of importance to intricate aspects such as how he smells, how he behaves and most importantly, what he wears and how he dresses up. It is therefore, very important that you learn a few tips on how to dress up properly when you are dating a granny girl.

Let us therefore, learn about a few important tips that will help you out with your dressing. The following points are sure to be very helpful to you:

1. It is about what suits you, not what suits Tom, Dick, or Harry: What suits your friend may not necessarily suit you. You need to wear something that you can carry off very well. Wear something that you are comfortable in. If you wear something that you can not carry off well, it shows and looks very odd indeed!

2. No hip-hop dressing please: No caps worn backwards, torn jeans, or those low hanging pair of cargos that make you look a few inches taller. All these accessories may impress a young lady, but they can never impress a hot gilf. Needless to say, you must also avoid those pins sticking out of your nose and mouth. Such things will not impress a granny girl. Lastly, you could impress your hot gilf with a hot and sexy watch. If you have a good watch, you must wear it. However, avoid wearing a school boy’s watch. Too many rings can be annoying and can make you look too loud. So, do not wear too many rings.

3. You must smell well: Women have a very strong sense of smelling, and they find it very annoying if their partner turns up with a disheveled appearance, smelling very badly. Therefore, make sure that you have used a very good deodorant, and turn up on your date, preferably, after you have taken a shower. Remember, you must smell royal, and classy because your smell conveys a lot about your grooming, even before you say a word. A hot gilf likes a man who smells hot and sexy. Get the point?

4. Your shoes tell the story about you: You must have heard it before that the state of a man’s shoes speaks volumes about a man’s personality. Therefore, no torn or unpolished shoes please! Your shoes must be trendy, and yet decent. Another important point to note here is that your choice of shoes must also depend on your clothes. If you decide to wear a formal dress, then you need to be wearing formal shoes. However, if you have decided to wear casuals, you could wear some trendy pair of sports shoes.

5. Well-groomed appearance: It certainly acts in your favor to trim your moustache, and your nails; button your shirt; comb your hair; wear a clean, well-ironed shirt; polish your shoes; and remain odor-free. These habits not only reflect a good upbringing, but also indicate that you are making an effort to impress the lady and that you are really interested in creating a good impression about yourself in her mind.

The right kind of dressing and a well-groomed look can certainly do the trick for you and win the heart of a hot gilf of your dreams!