British Grannies Dating
British Grannies Dating

Do you want to know how to get a woman like me into bed? I’m a 38 year old woman. I have two kids aged 20 and 22. I have one grandkid, aged 6 months. I easily pass for 30 years old or younger, and I have a body that most young men lust after. I know, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

Young men approach me all the time, usually in bars or coffee shops, but I’ve been approached in the gym, on regular dating sites, when I’ve been out at the shops, and more. In fact, after a while, I started to realise I had an opportunity here – I had the opportunity to test out a brand new dating pool!

You see, I was separated from my husband when I first considered signing up to a Granny dating website, and just like many of you, I had dismissed those websites entirely before I realised what they were all about. I was in need of something when my confidence was down a bit, when my husband left me for a younger woman, and I needed to feel lusted-after. I needed someone to run their hands all over my body, like I was the sexiest woman in the world.

That’s exactly what happened when I started dating online. I didn’t realise how much of a demand there was for older women just like me, GILF’s if you like to call them that. I started to realise that even though my husband didn’t want me anymore, there were other guys out there that would, and these were younger guys – super hot guys…. Guys that could have their pick of the bunch of girls their own age.

Yet still they wanted me.

So, how did they get me? How did they succeed where so many young men had failed before? They knew how to play me, that’s how.

Firstly, they asked questions. They wanted to know what I liked and disliked, both in and out of the bedroom. They wanted to know if I liked their fingers there, or where I liked my nipples being stimulated during sex. They wanted to know what movies I liked, and what music I found the raciest to play in the bedroom. They wanted to know how to make me happy, how to make me feel sexy, and that, alone, is worth a million bucks as an ego-booster.

Not just asking what I liked, and what I wanted, they also put a plan into action once they learned it. After once telling a 25 year old guy I had planned to bang, that I wanted to explore sex in the great outdoors, he planned a late evening picnic so that we could watch the sun go down, before going down on each other in the long grass, no one else around. The thrill that we could get caught just added to the appeal, and it was a night neither of us were likely to forget for a long time to come.

You see – that’s the thing about younger guys. Most of them are attentive and willing to learn, and that’s the easiest way to bag yourself a hot granny and get her into your bed – be attentive, be willing to try what she wants, and learn. Open your mind, and you’ll get sex tips that will last you a lifetime… And make you a much better lover!