Free GILF Dating UK
Free GILF Dating UK

It happens all the time! An older woman seen on the arm of a much younger guy is definitely not a surprise anymore, nor does it even rate a second glance. So, the question remains-why does this happen? What is the fascination? Why are older women dating younger guys?

Well, one of the main reasons for this happening so much lately is that older women like the fact that a young guy can perform in the bedroom! Yes, that’s right-she finds that young men have more stamina and are much more passionate as lovers, and are willing and eager to learn. Often men her own age have the “been there, done that” attitude.

Younger men are also eager to please the older women he dates, especially when it comes to sex, while many older guys don’t really care about anything except satisfying himself. Either that, or he isn’t able to perform up to her standards, leaving her desiring more than he can give.

Older women dating younger guys do so for other reasons, however. It isn’t always about bedroom activities. Younger guys are more vital and and active. They are going to find that an older woman is just as capable of keeping up with them on just about any level of physical activity. She loves getting out and doing things!

Most of these women are not ready to settle for the sedate, quiet life. She chooses to date a younger guy because she wants to have fun and excitement in her life. She undoubtedly has a career and wants nothing more than to kick up her heels after a long day by doing something frivolous and fun at night. Younger men love these women for that fact.

Does she want to be seen on the arm of a handsome young guy because it makes her feel good? Well, of course she does! It shows that she still has “it” and it shouts to the world “Look at me! I’m older, but he wants me”! Holy Moley-what older woman wouldn’t want that feeling? She would have to be half dead not to love the attention she gets from a young man. It’s flattering and good for her ego.

He, on the other hand, has got to be proud of the fact that this great looking older woman is eager to be seen with him when they are out in public. Is he flattered at the attention? Of course, who wouldn’t be? The fact that she can keep up with him and doesn’t hold him back is enough to keep him coming back for more. These guys are really enjoying all life has to offer!

Not to mention, the fact that he is the envy of all his friends is also good for his ego! He is doing something they might have always dreamed of, or wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to. He went out and found the woman he wanted to be with while they may be stuck dating young girls and getting nowhere and having no fun. Older women dating younger guys is the way to go!