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There are many advantages to older women dating younger men. While many people think that this trend is doomed from the start, others are finding the advantages in such a situation.

For many women, being in your forties or fifties means that men are no longer attracted to you. You can feel lost and alone in this big world. Perhaps you were divorced and waited until the kids left home, or maybe you were widowed at a younger age, regardless of why, you’re single and still very much alive.

Older women know more of what they want and aren’t placing ridiculous expectations on men like many younger women do. For an older woman, marriage isn’t always the goal. Many of these women are already well established financially and they are more than able to take care of themselves.

Relationships like this can be very fulfilling for both the man, and the woman. With fewer expectations upon them, the men often feel less stressed to perform. This makes them better partners in that they aren’t feeling pressured to provide for a family nor are they feeling pressured in the bedroom.

Relationships like this abound and are actually working very well for both the man and the woman. Once society gets past the age barrier these relationships often work very well.

The truth is, no one needs to know how old either party in the relationship is. Both parties are of age and once you’re past your 20s age doesn’t seem to matter as much as it did in your late teens and early 20s.

Men often find older women more attractive. They are confident and know what they want. They are no longer searching for their identity and have a good sense of self.

Focusing on the relationship and having fun over building a home and a family frees everyone up to enjoy life just a bit more. Although family is important, in the older woman younger man relationship it takes on a new dynamic.

Younger men often find many valuable life skills when with an older woman. Perhaps they see a bit of mom in her but generally speaking, they are finding confidence and a more together attitude.

Older women know what they want in and out of the bedroom. They are more in tune with themselves and thus can focus on other things. They are seldom selfish and require minimal maintenance when compared to their younger counterparts.

Unfortunately for such relationships, the men often want a family and to build themselves up. This can end in a devastating break up for the woman and a man feeling that “if only she were younger she could’ve provided me with the children I desire”.

Not all older women dating younger men relationships end this way however, many go on to be long lasting committed relationships where everyone is happy and committed. If you’re an older woman feeling lonely, you might want to consider such a relationship.